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Today my two month adventure as a core member comes to an end. It was fun while it lasted.

To be honest it wasn't any different, but still looked good. =p Thanks again to :iconjokerismyname: for the prizes.

In other news, I'm finally going to get back to a few unfinished stories of mine and will also try my hand at some mini stories, for anyone who finds my regular stuff too long.

Have a few other ideas swirling around as well, but any ideas, suggestions or comments are always welcome, just drop me a line.



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Extra Credit Assignment

“And then tie the knot off as tightly as possible. Usually our villain would mock the damsel in distress as he tied her up. The scenes were always melodramatic, there was no debate for audiences on whether our villain is evil and they never had a good side. Their entire role was to kidnap our favourite female character and hold her hostage. Karen how does that feel?”

“It’s a little tight, sir.”

“Well Karen, it had to be. Class as you can see in this footage from the 1944 Captain America serial, our secretary and lead female character Gail Richards has been captured by a group of criminals and is tightly lashed to the chair. This was an extremely common scenario, our damsel awaiting rescue from the villains by our hero. Karen, picture you are Gail Richards, what are you thinking right now?”

“Well I’m tightly bound and quite helpless. I need rescuing.” The tall blonde bombshell looked at the projector screen hanging from the classroom roof as the black and white serial which depicted the damsel in distress mentioned by her teacher.

The beautiful character had her hands bound behind her back with white rope and her ankles tightly tied together as she sat pinned to the chair thanks to a line of white rope wrapped around her waist and the back of the chair. With Karen’s college tutor having finished binding her ankles, the blonde college student was now in an identical predicament, tightly bound to a chair.

The other difference was their outfits. Karen’s look was far more modern than her counterpart in 1944, she had on a thick, grey jumper and dark blue, denim jeans which were both pinned to her body by the white rope.

“Now class you’ve probably noticed the most important ingredient of any damsel in distress scene during the 1940’s, or really any era. The damsel had to be kept quiet to stop her from altering her saviour, which meant an effective gag.”

“Ah, Mr Roberts, do I really need to be gagged, we can all see the TV.”

“Karen, the class needs a full demonstration and you volunteered.”

“Well, okay if you mmmpppphhhh!” Before the poor girl could even finish her sentence, the tutor had approached from behind with a thick white piece of cloth and thrust the soft material over the girl’s mouth and her shoulder length blonde hair. She squealed into the gag as it quickly covered her mouth, grunting as the ends were pulled together and knotted off tightly.

“Now we have our bound and gagged damsel. The most common form of gag used was called a detective gag, named for these very types of serials. However I have used an over-the-mouth gag on Karen. It may look quite ineffective but as Karen will demonstrate, it does a great job of keeping the damsel quiet.”

“Mmmmmppphhhhh!” Following the nod from the tutor, the blonde girl screamed into her gag and the muffled cries filled the classroom, leading to a spattering of giggles from the other students.

Mr Roberts kept talking to the class and went back over to his laptop to change the slide on the projector screen; leaving Karen tightly trussed up and gagged. The blonde girl was forced to sit patiently, quietly stewing inside as her embarrassment grew on the chair, her hands shuffling as she worked against the white rope around her wrists.

Mewling into her gag, the blonde beauty looked at the whiteboard, 1940’s Film and Television. Being bound and gagged certainly wasn’t what she expected when she chose the subject and she certainly was never going to volunteer for anything again.

Overdue Library Fees

“Okay now, the fantasy section. What do we want?”

“Just chuck it all in, Harry Potter, Twilight, who cares, it will all sell somewhere.”

“Yeah right, as if you could actually even read Harry Potter.”

“Shut up!” The tall and imposing figure dressed in a white security shirt and black pants growled through the hole in his balaclava and swung at the other, shorter man dressed in the identical uniform. They were both wheeling trolleys through the library, shoving books into the deep metal basket, emptying the wooden shelves as they went.

“Hurry up you two, we’re nearly finished here with the computers and laptops, we need to get going.”

“The pair of masked guards picked up their pace and weaved through the aisles, filling the trolleys with books, eventually both wheeling them over to the library’s back counter near the rear entrance of the modern building.

“Hi ladies, we’ve got quite a large array of books we’d like to borrow, it might be easier if we skipped the scanning and went straight to our van. We’ll be back to sort out the details.”

The men laughed as the heard the response from the two librarians behind the counter, catching a short glimpse of the middle-aged beauties through the holes in their balaclavas as they wheeled the trolleys out the rear entrance.

“Mmmpppphhhhh!” The two ladies increased their volume as they went passed, but it was a futile attempt to display their frustration, the women were in no position to offer any form of resistant.

Stacy and Jane were simply finishing their shifts as the library closed, ready to get home for the night. Their plans were interrupted by the four masked intruders and they now sat on the carpeted floor, back-to-back in complete bondage.

Both women had their ankles and calves bound with thick layers of white rope, the material standing out against Stacy’s brown leather boots and dark tights and Jane’s black leather boots and dark tights. The endless squeaking from the leather highlighting just how tight their leg restraints were tied.

They both had their wrists bound behind their back and their trussed up arms sat beside one another thanks to circles of white rope which had been wrapped around their waists to keep them bound together. Both Stacy’s buttoned up black satin shirt and Jane’s dark blue buttoned up satin shirt sat beneath more layers of white rope around their chests as both girls had been provided an intricate rope harness around their breasts, pinning their arms to their bodies.

Finally, thick pieces of white gaffer tape had been circled around both girl’s mouths, pinning Stacy’s long, blonde hair beneath it and covering the bottom half of Jane’s face, beneath her brown-rimmed glasses and short, red hair.

The librarians could only squirm and buck about helplessly as they rubbed up against one another, Stacy’s own brown-rimmed glasses shifting down her nose as she moved her trussed up body about, kicking her boots up in the air and clawing her fingernails at her co-mate’s wrists restraints.

“Okay ladies, sorry about that, but we needed to get organised. We’ve loaded all the books, laptops, computers and cash we were borrowing into our van and are just about ready to be on our way.”

“Mmmmmgggggnnnnnnnhhhhh!” The poor librarians bristled as the masked bandit teased them, the man looking down on Stacy as Jane turned her head to look over her right shoulder at one of their four captors.

“Now, I have a library card right here and I’ll leave this credit card for when anything isn’t returned on time. You can put it all through once you’ve somehow managed to get free of that rope and removed those gags. Good luck!”

“Nnnnnmmmppphhhh!” Both beauties screamed into their tape gags as the man left them alone, Stacy looking down at her very own library and credit which had been removed from her purse as it was taken by the robbers.

Stacy and Jane squirmed about together, mewling into their gags as they were suddenly plunged into darkness. The intruder having turned off the library lights to increase their prisoner’s distress.

Across the Interstate

You woke up this morning
Got yourself a gun,
Mama always said you'd be
The Chosen One.

Even through her aviator sunglasses, Sarah had to squint a little as the setting sun filled the open horizon in front of her. It also provided a heat strong enough to warrant having the top down on her red 1965 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, which was perfect, as the brunette goddess loved driving across the interstate with the roof down.

The miles and miles of open highway had taken a toll on her gas reserves and the girl looked at her fuel meter and decided the next gas station would be needed to refuel.

Over the music from her radio, Sarah could faintly hear the rattling sound coming from the trunk of her car, but it was barely audible and didn’t require much of her attention.

Breathe out, so I can breathe you in
Hold you in
And now I know you've always been
And out of your head, out of my head I sang.

“Bit loud isn’t that, missy?”

“There haven’t been many cars on these highways to hear it; I don’t even notice it anymore.” Sarah shared a laugh with the gruff man who was re-fuelling a large, white pick-up truck. The girl smoothed down her thin, white singlet and brown cargo pants and touched up her stylishly cut, although now slightly matted shoulder length brown hair.

She kept the music going in her convertible as she went to pay for the gas, grinding her teeth as she heard the faint rattling from her car.

Returning from inside the gas station, with two bottles of water and a bag of chips, Sarah noticed the man looking at her as she approached the car.

“Sorry ma’am, I noticed your car was making a rattling sound as you came in, I think I even hear it now over the music. You might wanna get that checked out.”

“Yeah, I noticed it a few towns back, but I need to get across the state by nightfall.”

“Okay, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Have a good day ma’am.”

Sarah smiled as the man pulled out of the gas station and then let out a huge sigh of relief, growling as the rattling sound continued, although it was hard to notice over the blaring radio.

The brunette beauty returned back on the interstate for another mile before finding a desolate piece of road to stop and park behind a large array of thick shrubs, providing some privacy from the road which wasn’t even really required considering she had seen three cars in the past hour.

The rattling sound had died down, but now stopped; Sarah grabbed one of the water bottles and opened the trunk of her Eldorado.

“Ggggrrrrrmmmmmppppphhhhhh!”  The culprit for the rattle in the trunk of Sarah’s car let out a muffled scream as trunk was opened and sunlight hit her eyes.

Despite only being dressed in a pair of skimpy purple bra and panties, the hogtied girl was bathed in sweat, her red hair a complete mess thanks to lying helplessly in an oven-like space for hours.

“Enough of the damn noise! If you stop with the banging for the next hour, I’ll let you sit in the back seat, now don’t you dare make a sound.”

“You bitch, let me gommmpppphhh!”

“What did I just say?!” Sarah had pulled the red bandana being used as a cleave gag down from her prisoner’s mouth and released the wad of cloth from inside, holding the water bottle above her head. However the hostile response prompted the kidnapper to re-gag her victim.

“Do you want a drink of water or not?!”

“Mmmmmmm!” The hogtied girl nodded and kept quiet as the packing from inside her mouth was removed once again.

“Here, drink this.” Shuffling her trussed up body around, the girl greedily skulled the water, her mouth bone dry from being gagged for so long. Her body ached from the rope tied around her breasts, thighs, wrists and ankles, but she did enjoy the refreshing liquid.

“Now if I go an hour without hearing any more banging, you can enjoy some cooler conditions inside the car. Sit still and be quiet.”

“Mmmmnnngggghhhh!” The redheaded hostage squealed as she was re-gagged, Sarah forcing the banadna between her lips and retying a knot over her red hair.

As she closed the trunk, the brunette waited for a minute to see what she could hear and smiled at the silence, before jumping back in the convertible and starting up the engine.

Now for the Honeymoon

“Mr and Mrs Brooks, we have arrived, the Regent Hotel.”

“Wow, Mr and Mrs Brooks, it’s the first time we’ve heard that.” The newly married couple smiled, both taking a moment to read the paint on the rear window for their limousine, JUST MARRIED.

Nathan and Amelia waited for their driver to come around and open the limousine door, helping the dark-haired bride out of the car as Nathan worked to keep her glorious white wedding dress in pristine condition.

“Welcome to the Regent Hotel and congratulations from all of us! You’ve already been checked in and your bags are being taken up to your room as we speak. Here are the keys, Room 405, please enjoy your stay as a newly married couple.”

The pair smiled as they were greeted by an impeccably dressed doorman and watched as their bags were taken across through the hotel foyer into the elevator.

Nathan in his tuxedo and Amelia in her sleeveless white wedding dress, with a wide hem reaching the floor, completely covering her long and trim legs, held each other’s hand and skipped together to the elevator, Amelia’s perfect black hair swaying as they moved across the foyer.

“So do we do it?”

“Well, it is tradition.” With her husband’s cue and waiting arms, Amelia relaxed her body and let her husband pick her up in his arms and carry her into their penthouse suite. The room was even better than advertised and they looked in awe at the king-sized bed with their suitcases waiting beside the bed.

“I love you Amelia.”

“I love you Nathan. Now, shall we begin?” The pair relaxed on the bed after the tall and brown-haired man placed his wife on the sheets. He nodded with a smile and reached for his suitcase, revealing the most important pieces of luggage the pair had brought along for their wedding night.

“Mrs Brooks, if you don’t mind.”

“Why, of course!” Amelia leapt up onto her knees and placed her wrists behind her back, crossing them in anticipation. Nathan tenderly wrapped a piece of brown rope around his wife’s skin, making sure it was tight once he knotted it off, but also nice and comfortable.

“Mmmmmmm!” Amelia moaned with excitement and desire as her husband filled her mouth with a golden silk scarf before adding a red silk scarf her mouth, completing the two-piece gag.

The scarf sat beautifully over the bride’s mouth and long, black hair and she giggled as Nathan pulled up the hem of her enormous white wedding dress to reach her legs, sliding off her white high heels before wrapping more rope around his wife’s bare ankles.

“Nice and secure. I love you Amelia.”

“Illmmmppphhh.” Amelia returned her husband’s love with a muffled cry through the silk gag and she collapsed onto the bed sheets, her dress spreading across the bed, ready for Nathan to make her wedding night.

Before embracing his wife, Nathan lifted up Amelia’s wedding dress to reveal her white panties, the bound and gagged beauty smiling as her husband grabbed another piece of brown rope.  

“Mmmmmmm!’ Amelia moaned loudly as the rope was wrapped around her waist and down between her legs. The rope sitting between her crotch was pulled back and round, and once knotted off it formed the perfect crotchrope, increasing the bride’s pleasure to unbearable levels.

Nathan tugged on the rope and kissed Amelia’s gagged lips, their night of bondage being extra special as their first night as a married couple.


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